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24 March 2012

spring break shenanigans.

It'll take too much time and detail to rehash the details of my fantastic spring break visits to London and Paris to visit the Mann kids, so the following is an overview of the highlights:

london rain. the underground. homemade shepherd's pie. 2-for-1 cocktails on a sunday night at bar 55. lunching in camden town. dinner at jamie's italian in leicester square. old monk. eurostar-ing it to paris. wandering along the river and across arrondisements. maneuvering the paris metro. notre dame. reading in the luxembourg gardens. sidewalk wine with a view of the eiffel tower. hanging out in a portuguese pub in paris. twinkling lights on the eiffel tower. tipsy cycling around paris at night. lunch at the pasteur institute with mathura. wandering around the musee d'orsay. reading in the tullerie gardens overlooking the river. evening wanderings across and up and down paris. emergency sneakers. speaking hindi. making friends with a bangladeshi rose peddler. being asked for directions like a local. hanging out in the british library courtyard. drinks overlooking the camden lock. dinner in east dulwich with jagan, maeve, and the smalls. lunch with jon and flick. a quick visit with alex. a behind-the-scenes tour of london parliament. a drink at a pub called the blind beggar. traditional last-night-in-london dinner at tayyab's, capped off with some old monk. early morning tube to heathrow. and a whole lot of fun thrown into all of it.

what a week. and now it seems it's back to the real world. practicum beckons; paris pictures forthcoming.

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