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12 March 2012

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As almost all of you know, I will be completing my International Public Service Project [IPSP] with room to read in Nepal from the end of July to the beginning of October. As many of you may also know, my plan was to stay on in India - hopefully in Bangalore - to complete my Capstone with an organization there.

Well. In the last few weeks, my plans have taken an even more drastic turn. After a lot of self-reflection and a host of conversations with classmates, professors, advisors, and my parents and brother, I have decided that when I go back to Bangalore in June, I'll be moving back there...permanently.

This was an idea that had been floating around in my head for a while, but to actually take the plunge and announce it and make it official was another thing entirely. I thought about how ready I am to be back in Bangalore; I thought about the logistics of either keeping a room in Little Rock for the time I'm gone or else having to find a room for the final 5 months of my grad school career; I thought about coming back just to take 2 classes my final semester; I thought about how staying on could help kick-start my career...I thought about a great many things and then finally decided to just do it.

One of the good aspects to the Clinton School frontloading our credits in our first year is that it gives us the freedom to spend our second year wherever we want. After this semester, and including the 6 hours I will get for IPSP and Capstone, I will require only 5 further credits to graduate. Thanks to the flexibility of our program, I can do an independent study with one of my professors as well as an online course, both of which can be completed from anywhere.

All of which made me think: what's stopping me from just moving back? And the answer was: not much. I was hesitant because I had told my parents I would be back in the States for two years, but after talking with them, I think they also realize that this is probably the best step. I reassured them that I will still be completing my degree, but I will also hopefully be getting a start on my career as well. Honestly, I think my father is just happy that I finally have a plan for my life.

So there it is, my latest life plan. I am beyond excited to know that I'll be back in Bangalore in less than three months, and that I'll be back for good.

And now to make my bucket list for my remaining months in Little Rock / Arkansas. If you have any suggestions, be sure to throw them my way.

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