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09 October 2011

a long time coming.

If any of you can remember the last time I posted pictures on here, you're doing better than I am.  There are a few reasons for that:
  1. I've not taken that many pictures.  A travesty, I know, but I think taking so many pictures those last few months in Bangalore left me a bit burned out.
  2. I've not taken the time to upload the few I had taken onto my computer.  With my old computer, it used to take ages for the pictures to load, and I never had the time or energy to deal with that.  Of course, I forgot that I now have a super fast computer, and 200 pictures transfer likethat.
  3. I'm lazy.  We all know this.
So here I am, with a few months worth of pictures to share with you.  I'm warning you now that there are a lot.  Hope you enjoy.

[this little guy was eating up all our tomato plants]

[boys cooking]

[our fabulous feast]

[downtown little rock]

[pedestrian bridge downtown]

[how many guys does it take to put a grill together?]

[love crowder's swag]

[me and my boo]

[me and my other boo]

[these guys]

[getting those letters ready for kickball shirts]

[full seriousness going on here]

[me and the dubz]

[I'm pretty sure that one went in]

[sniffing the toast? really?]

[with the birthday girl]

[family picture. be on the lookout for our christmas card]

[busch model]

[13-year-old female drummer. she's my hero]

[with britney at the blues fest]

[cherry street banners]

[still haven't gotten over my obsession with funny signs]

[mural on cherry st]

[attempt at getting a crowd shot saturday night]

[I was really hoping they'd supply that naked body, too]
Happy week ahead!
Woo pig.

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