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18 October 2011

10k tuesday: round four.

This week's update is a bit all over the place.

Last week I finally completed 3 workouts in one week!  I ran on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, making it through Week 3 and the first day of Week 4.  On Thursday I decided to challenge myself a bit and, instead of just running in the park, decided to run through the neighborhood, which includes a few hills.  I survived, but just barely.  I needed it, though, because obviously the entire 10k in March won't be on flat roads, but it hurt.  I think it was also because it was later in the week, and I am usually running on less energy by Thursday than on Monday.  I do however think it is good to do the third day of each week on the road, as it's good practice.

Because of the run on Saturday, combined with three - yes, three - kickball games on Sunday, I took Monday off.  My legs were seriously hurting after that weekend, and I realized the need for some rest.  I took today off also, because I had to meet my Practicum team at 8.30am, and we were supposed to spend the morning gardening.  I realized last night that it would not be prudent to wear out my muscles and then go work in the garden at Mabelvale, so I refrained.  I'll get back into the flow tomorrow, but that means I need to be in bed by 10pm.  On the dot.  It's only Tuesday, and I am already exhausted, which is not a good sign.

If I can get in runs tomorrow and Friday, then I will complete Week 4 this week and be back on a schedule of one week of the workout correlating to one week in real time.  We'll see how that works out for me.

No new aches or pains to report, which I count as a success.

The mornings are getting cold, so I'm going to have to start wearing my fleece and probably carrying some water with me to keep my throat from getting too dry.

I really need some new music on my phone.  The same 10 songs on repeat are getting old.  I'll figure it out one of these days.

Tomorrow I WILL wear my arm weights for my run.  Really.  If I don't, you have permission to never speak to me again.  But seriously, I paid for them, so I need to start using them.

Fingers crossed I wake up in the morning.
Woo pig.

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