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16 October 2011

just the weekend i needed.

After a slew of crazy weekends, I needed a calm one, and that's just what I got.  Other than Arkansas Puzzle Day yesterday and kickball today, no real commitments.  No Razorback game Saturday, which freed up a good 3.5 hour chunk of the day.  No assignments due on Monday that I needed to break my head over.  Just a nice, calm, relaxing weekend.  Just what the doctor ordered.

When I finished work on Friday, I headed home, did a bit of reading, had some food, did a bit more reading, and eventually headed over to Dylan Perry's to chill out for a while.  Sydney brought a board game, so that kept us entertained for a little while.  I was still home and in bed by midnight, which was nice.

I started off Saturday morning with a run [Week 4 Day1!] before heading down to Sturgis for Arkansas Puzzle Day.  It is exactly what it sounds like it is, and even though I didn't win a prize, Laura and I automatically won the student gift certificates to Boulevard since we were the only two students who showed up.  $25, which is roughly the equivalent of 4.5 meals at Boulevard, is nothing to shake your head at.

After that I came back home and caught up on my blog posts and a few other housekeeping things before crashing out for about 2 hours.  That's right, I got in a 2-hour nap on a Saturday.  And it was magnificent.  Then I spent the afternoon and evening reading ahead for next week and making 7-layer dip.  I met Dylan and a few of the Class 6-ers at Town Pump for a few drinks followed by the yummy awesomeness of Waffle House.  Thank goodness for that nap, or I would never have made it to 2am.

Today I slept in [hurray!] before heading over to Interstate Park.  We had a doubleheader today with games at 1.15 and 5, so I decided to go early to watch the intermediate team's game at noon.  They needed a fourth girl to bat, so somehow I ended up playing on their team as well.  We won, in case you're wondering.  And then the novice team won our first game, after which a few of us decided to just hang out down at the park before our next game.  We had a nice spread of cookies, 7-layer dip, and chips, and we kept ourselves entertained for a few hours before our second game.  We lost that one, unfortunately, but word on the street is that we should still make the playoffs.

So although today was a bit long - and I missed the Packers game because of all the kickball - it has still been a fantastic weekend.  Other than the fact that my body is feeling a bit run down - I'm definitely not made to play 3 games in one day.  Here's hoping I can finish up my reading for tomorrow quickly, because I have every intention of being in bed by 10pm.  Week 4 Day 2 is looming in the morning.

Happy week ahead!
Woo pig.

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