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26 October 2011


How long is your average commute from your home to work/school?  When I first moved to Little Rock, I was astounded that it only took me 12-15 minutes to get from my house to school downtown.  15 minutes! For the better part of the last 4 years, I have spent an hour and a half each way to and from work.  An hour and a half!  That's right, I would spend nearly 3 hours on buses every day.  The thought of only spending about half an hour in the car was incredible to me.  I couldn't get over it.

Well now I'm kind of over it.  It's not so bad in the mornings, but when I've been running around for the better part of 12 hours, that 15 minute drive home can seem absolutely endless.  Particularly because Little Rock drivers seem to be getting worse each day.

I think it's also partly because most of my friends live closer to downtown, so it takes at least 12 minutes to get to any of their houses.  And also because if I have a 45-minute break in my day, it's not enough time for me to come home, so I end up hanging around school and not getting anything done.

It's funny how something I was so excited about 3 months ago is now something that I dread.  Never satisfied, that's me.
Woo pig.

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