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24 February 2013

restaurant review: otto infinito.

On Thursday night, Steph, Pete, Laura, and I had dinner at Otto Infinito, a Mediterranean restaurant in Bandra, to use the gift vouchers we had won during our "south" Bombay Treasure Hunt. Between us we had vouchers for Rs 3,000 off our bill on food and alcohol, and since Laura is leaving next week, we figured we should take advantage of our offer quickly.

Because we went for dinner, we got a nice table outside; while the day had been quite sticky and muggy, the night was pleasant, and we had a nice breeze throughout the meal. And because we were feeling empowered with our vouchers, we treated ourselves to some nice wine [Laura and Pete], some nice vodka and beer [Steph], and some nice Jack Daniel's [yours truly] along with some starters.

For starters, we ordered the non-veg platter and the mezze dips. The lamb in the non-veg platter was really good, but I have to say that the portions were not very much for a "platter". I realize this comes from my American understanding of the word platter, and my familiarity with platters of gargantuan sizes at places like Buffalo Wild Wings or Chili's, but it really wasn't that much. That being said, however, it was quite tasty. And the mezze dips were really good and came with a good portion of breads and chips.

For the main course, I ordered a dry spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms, which was pretty good. Not spectacular on the taste buds, but good. Steph had a kofta tagine which I didn't try but which she said tasted very Indian. Laura had a chicken dish which I think she said was good, but again, I didn't taste it. I think the winner of the night was Pete's chicken risotto, which was delicious.

Overall we had a really nice dinner, but it was definitely because we knew we had those vouchers to fall back on. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, but it's not really my kind of place, and I doubt I'd go back unless I had another discount voucher. It's quite posh, and it's a bit pricey, and it's in Bandra East, where I never really travel. That being said, however, we did have a nice time.

One thing I did appreciate, however, was that we were able to use all three of our vouchers on one bill. Some restaurants will get a bit picky about using more than one voucher or promotion thing at once, but when I called ahead to inquire about it, they were very gracious about allowing us to use them all at once. It came in very handy, especially when our final bill - before the vouchers were applied - came to Rs 7,300. On a normal day, it's out of my price range.

Important Info:
Location: Raheja Towers, Bandra East, behind the Bandra-Kurla Complex. About a Rs 25 rickshaw ride from the Bandra station. I was early, and I like to walk, so I took the footbridge from station to the BKC entrance and then took a rickshaw from there. On the way back, I took a rickshaw from the restaurant all the way back to the station.
Serves: lunch and dinner.
Portion sizes: starters are enough for 2-3 people, and main courses serve 1.
Prices: each dish was probably medium-range as far as price goes, not cheap, but not outrageously expensive. the hard alcohol was quite expensive. the service taxes and VATs added up, though, and were an additional almost Rs 2,000 on our bill. **if you order wine, it has a separate, additional VAT that is added at the end of the bill**
Methods of payment: we paid the remainder of our bill with cash, but they accept all cards as well.

A nice place overall, especially for dinner when you can sit outside, but generally not my scene. It's always nice to try a new place, though.

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