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17 February 2013

the joy project: week four.

I will admit, this past week was a bit hectic and all over the place, but it had a few nice moments here and there...

Sunday: a Sunday that was both relaxing and a little bit productive. killer combination.

Monday: full royalty treatment at the Woodside in town. those guys love me.

Tuesday: drinks and a nice catch-up session with Haygood before he departed back to the States.

Wednesday: survived my first switching of trains in Dadar. getting from the Western line to the Central line is scarier than you might think.

Thursday: found out Tyler booked his tickets for India at the end of March! and then I was in bed at 10:20pm, read two chapters of Catching Fire [yes, I read the Hunger Games trilogy. what's it to you?], and was asleep by 11:15pm. amazing.

Friday: productive day of work in Dadar; nice long drinking session with Uday at Mocha Mojo and Toto's.

Saturday: slept in and spent most of the day watching old episodes of Castle. solid Saturday.

Other than the stifling heat [I don't handle 90 degree weather in February] and the water issues we had at home on Wednesday and Thursday, I got a lot of work done for my project, which was nice. Now on to my Grant Writing and independent study work...

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