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11 February 2013

the joy project: week three.

My joys from Week 3:

Sunday: Saranya made yummy aloo and dal for lunch. it's so nice to be able to cook in our house.

Monday: productive day at Woodside; got my hairs cut [first time since last April. we were long overdue]; caught up with Norten for the first time in 3 weeks. it was a pretty solid Monday.

Tuesday: cancelled meeting = productive work-from-home day for Veena.

Wednesday: bit of a rough day, work-wise, but I DID submit my first Capstone update! 52.5 hours down, only 197.5 to go!

Thursday: BEAUTIFUL weather in Bombay. it did so much to improve my mood from the previous day.

Friday: submitted two big documents to my Project Supervisor.

Saturday: treasure hunt around south Bombay with Steph and Pete. we won the prize for most creative costume!

Happy week ahead!

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