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04 March 2013

the joy project: week six.

I realized last week, when I was mired deep in work for Capstone as well as my online Grant Writing class and my independent study, just how much this little project has helped me keep my perspective in increasingly busy weeks. My Capstone wraps up on the 8th of March [right around the corner], just as my work for my Grant Writing class is slowly increasing, and the last few weeks have been crazy trying to juggle everything.

So thank you, Jackie, for reminding me of the importance of taking a moment each day to find some positive amongst the chaos.

And now on to my joys for week 6.

Sunday: finished my draft of my guest lecture for my Grant Writing class. it still needs a lot of work, but it's nice to have it off the ground and running.

Monday: first time it's been only me, Saranya, and Priyanka in the house in nearly 3 weeks. I've loved all of our visitors, but it is definitely nice to have it back to ourselves. all 3 of us were in bed by 11pm. and it was glorious.

Tuesday: confirmed my final deliverables with my Capstone organization. Last day is 8 March!

Wednesday: awesome lunch at Jai Hind with Reishabh and Saranya. S and I have been trying to have lunch there since I arrived in November - their prawn curry is pretty legendary - and it only took us 3 months to finally get around to it. finally got to see one of Manas' gigs.

Thursday: productive work day in Dadar. BOOKED MY TICKETS TO SHILLONG to see the Tetris and the Sastri. dinner with Sneha Madiath at Indigo.

Friday: first "free" afternoon in a long time. work was accomplished, but it was nice to have a relaxing afternoon as well.

Saturday: finally got to experience the joys of Janata. got to catch up with Tushar for the first time in weeks. met a guy from Bombay who's been to Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

Sorry for the day-late post; I was too lazy yesterday to come to Reishabh's house just to post this. Better late than never, yeah?

Happy last week of Capstone to me!

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