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25 March 2013

the joy project: weeks eight and nine.


Sunday: slept in. lazed about. finally met Ananda [my dear Happiness] after 3.5 months in Bombay. saw Bobby. finally took our 'SMILE' picture for Julia. family farewell party. thank you, Reishabh, for the chocolate cake :)

[this is actually not the one we ended up going with, but I wanted to share it anyway]
Monday: packed for my northeastern adventure. there's nothing quite like the anticipation of a fun holiday.

Tuesday: Toto's for the Lost Boy's birthday. once again, I was the only girl with a rotating cast of 7 guys. such is life.

Wednesday: met my CanofBliss boys in Guwahati and hit the road for Kaziranga National Park. good catch up time with Wasi, Tet, and Sastri. felt cold for the first time in months!

Thursday: elephant safari. saw rhinos. jeep safari. spotted a tiger. saw a tusker.

Friday: chilled out at Tet's grandmum's beautiful farmhouse. watched Blues Brothers with Tet's parents. too entertaining they are.

Saturday: went for a cooooooold swim. barbecue at Tet's cousin's farmhouse.

Sunday: nice long drive back into Shillong. we took the scenic route and got to see a lot of the villages in New Shillong.

Monday: beautiful drive to Cherrapunji. had a bonfire.

Tuesday: crossed 2,400 steps, 3 wire bridges, and 2 living root bridges to get to Nongriat village, the most beautiful and untouched place I think I'll ever see in my life.

Wednesday: nice long drinking and catch up session with my Tetris.

Thursday: visited the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures and learned about the tribes of the northeast.

Friday: nice long drive outside Shillong. met Manish. awesome Khasi dinner for my last night in Shillong.

Saturday: road trip back to Guwahati. back to Bombay. Tyler arrived!

It's been a pretty spectacular two weeks, and the next three promise to be awesome as well: Holi, Goa for Bugsy and Vikki's wedding, Bangalore for a few days, last goodbyes in Bombay...

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