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02 April 2013

the joy project: week ten.

Happy weeks ahead!

Sunday: showed Tyler the sights - Gateway of India, Cafe Mondegar, Crawford Market, Woodside, Gokul, Harbour View for the sunset, Toto's. Sunday Funday at its finest.

Monday: caught up on emails and generally sorted my life out for the coming week or so.

Tuesday: visited Elephanta Island. second farewell of sorts at The Little Door in Andheri: Norten, Tushar, Malcolm. Saranya, Priyanka, Reishabh, Priyank. Steph, Pete. Carlos. Gaurav. Tyler. all in one place. with acoustic music. it was awesome.

Wednesday: Holi! and early birthday celebration for Saranya.

Thursday: Reality's Dharavi tour [everyone should go!]. bus to Goa!

Friday: caught up with Ashu and Appachu; lunch at Curlie's; live band at our hotel.

Saturday: Mukunda arrived; beach-shack-crawl; dinner at Zanzibar.

down to the final two weeks in India! yikes!

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