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29 April 2013

the joy project: week fourteen.

Sunday: brunch with Lindsay and her parents. Katie Longino's bridal shower. family dinner at Casa Manana.

Monday: volunteer appreciation lunch at school. family bonding time at home.

Tuesday: RCB victory over Pune / Chris Gayle scored 175 runs by himself. productive meeting with Emily and Andrew. got to meet and hear Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee speak. dinner with Katie Milligan.

Wednesday: submitted the second draft of my grant. back to Memphis to hang with the parents and brother.

Thursday: new clothes for the first time in 10 months. CSK victory. Grizzlies victory. nice long gchats with Dorothy and Shonali.

Friday: Central BBQ lunch with the mother at her office. finally started sorting through the boxes piled up in my closet.

Saturday: lunch at Bardog with Katie Walsh. Grizzlies victory! first Grizz game I've attended in too many years [I think maybe 5 or 6? something ridiculous like that].

and for the whole week: absolutely beautiful weather, in both Little Rock and Memphis. I'm loving the cool-ish spring that has welcomed me back. fingers crossed it sticks around for just a bit longer.

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