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21 April 2013

the joy project: week thirteen.

My joys from my first week back in the States...

Sunday: final farewell lunch with the 1302 crew. boarded my flight back to civilization.

Monday: Taco Bell. mother's homemade spaghetti.

Tuesday: went for a nice run in my parents' neighbourhood. Chick-fil-A lunch. India Palace dinner.

Wednesday: return to Little Rock. lunch with Bee at Gusano's. Town Pump reunion.

Thursday: lunch with AT. rain. cold weather. dinner with the parents Hughes.

Friday: walk around the 'hood with the Dubz. cookout at the house. late show of 42.

Saturday: CSK victory. RCB victory. Buffalo Wild Wings with the Nathan Jesson. NBA playoffs. cookout. reunion with my boo.

And there you have my first week back in the States :)

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