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14 April 2013

the joy project: weeks eleven + twelve.

My final two weeks in India...

Sunday: Pranay + Vikki's gorgeous sunset beach wedding. and entirely too much dancing for anyone's own good.

Monday: bought wayyyyyy too much Goan sausages. bus to Bangalore.

Tuesday: back in namma Bengaluru! masala dosa breakfast with my third-born to celebrate my return; lunch with Amai; drinks with Sneha, Dorothy, Shonali, Aswin, and Rajat; drinks and dinner with Eric-oo and Prakash-a; sleepover in Indiranagar. pretty all-star welcome home.

Wednesday: slept and slept and slept.

Thursday: spent the day with my Peanut. she's pretty much the best. spent the evening cheering RCB on to victory.

Friday: productive work day at Jaaga with Shonu and Rajat. Big Talker's birthday bash in Chamarajpet.

Saturday: English breakfast at Pecos and drinks at Guzzlers with Mukunda, Harish, and Bipin.

Sunday: classic Sunday Funday with the Prakash-a - ragi mudde, mutton curry, thalemamsa [that's goat brain to you uncultured ones out there], and mutton biryani for lunch; random adventures; Haagen-Dazs; seekh kababs; Haagen-Dazs again; and a solid dose of the IPL thrown in for good measure.

Monday: said goodbye to the Peanut. lunch with Amai. flight back to Bombay.

Tuesday: lunch with Saranya and Reishabh. epic Scrabble session with Priyanka. karaoke at WTF with Steph and Lindsey [best performance of Empire State of Mind that's ever happened].

Wednesday: last night with Norten and Tushar. opened up the J&B.

Thursday: packed and packed and packed. cheered RCB on to victory. fun night at Irish House with Saranya, Priyanka, and Debooooooooo.

Friday: finished my guest lecture for my Grant Writing class. Girls season 1 marathon with Priyanka.

Saturday: Final Farewell Pub Crawl [2013 edition] - Mondy's, Woodside, Gokul, Irish House, Ellipses, Slip Disc, and the Taj. I'd say that's a good Saturday.

and so concludes the Joy Project: India edition. my next update will be from the States. eeks!

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