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10 March 2013

the joy project: week seven.

This week is generally a joyful one as it is my last week of Capstone work! I have enjoyed my project, and the last few weeks have been nice and productive, but I am definitely looking forward to having one less thing on my plate. My Grant Writing class is picking up, I've been slacking off horribly in my research for my Independent Study, and generally it'll be nice to turn in everything I've been working on and be done. And God help me, I never want to see an Excel spreadsheet ever again. [or at least for a good number of months]

But moving on. Here are my joys from this very joyful week:

Sunday: finished re-watching season 3 of Castle. yes, I am a dork. and we had yummy dinner from Spaghetti Kitchen.

Monday: first of my meetings with the teachers in Dadar went really well, and they all really seemed to be thankful for the information I was giving them.

Tuesday: found out my father has purchased our tickets for Chipper's jersey retirement ceremony in June. first family trip to a Braves game in nearly 9 years, the retirement of one of my favourite baseball players, and it all conveniently falls 3 days before my 30th birthday. #bestbirthdaygiftever.

Wednesday: one of my project supervisors told me that I've done good work. such a good feeling.

Thursday: the dudes at the railway station remembered my breakfast order! last time I will have to change trains in Dadar for a long, long time. and then Reishabh and Punit bought me 4 [FOUR!] cans of Dr Pepper! boys, you can borrow my camera whenever you like.

Friday: submitted my Capstone deliverables to my partner! got given a Reserved table at Toto's. evening of epic proportions. it was a pretty killer Friday.

Saturday: Macaroni and Cheese for brunch [thank you, Priyanka, for sharing], slept all day, did no work, nice dinner at Smokehouse Deli with Reishabh, Priyank, Steph, Pete, and Priyanka, yummy ice cream for dessert. it's been way too long since I've had a proper Saturday like this.

The beginning of the week was pretty work-centered, but the weekend definitely made up for it. And now it's back to the grind - lots of work to catch up on for my online classes that I have been avoiding because of Capstone work. Wish me luck.

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