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12 March 2013

book review: catching fire [hunger games trilogy book 2, suzanne collins].

Yes, I read the Hunger Games trilogy. And no, I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I might be a little embarrassed to admit that I walked into a Barnes & Noble and purchased the first one from the Teen Fiction section myself, but I'm reading the second and third books on my iPad, which I feel is way less embarrassing.

Anyway, I read the first book around this time last year - just before the movie released - but then waited before reading the second one. I finally got so busy with school and Capstone that I admitted to myself that the book of Salman Rushdie essays might be just a tad too heavy with everything else going on, so I decided to take a crack at Catching Fire [the second book in the trilogy] to relax my mind before sleeping.

As with the first book, Catching Fire was intriguing and held my interest despite the writing being a bit simple. But then again, it is a book written for 13-year-olds as opposed to almost-30-year-olds. Although I find myself at times getting annoyed with Katniss, the main character, I can't help but become sucked in by the story. It's an interesting read, and it definitely was a good distraction from the mounds of work that I had.

I am certainly looking forward to the release of the second movie this fall as well as pulling out the final book in the trilogy - Mockingjay - when I'm in need of another time-pass reading. I'm curious to see where Collins goes with the story based on the ending of the second book.

The other good thing with this one was that it got me back into the habit of reading before sleeping. Definitely provided a few pockets of peace in those last few weeks of craziness.

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  1. I was so disappointed with the 2nd one (and the 3rd, actually). It felt waaaay too similar to the first, don't you think??