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27 December 2012

30 thursdays: 30 favourite memories of 2012.

2012 certainly had its ups and downs, but as I think back on the year as a whole, I am reminded once again of how blessed I am and of what a great year I had overall. You'll find the highlights from my year below.

30 favourite memories of 2012 [in no particular order]:
  1. Catherine and Drew's wedding weekend extravaganza.
  2. Walker and Joe's wedding weekend extravaganza.
  3. best friend Mindy's visit to the Rock.
  4. seeing Arkansas win the Cotton Bowl [the lone positive highlight of Arkansas football in 2012].
  5. getting to see Chipper Jones play one last time.
  6. seeing the sun rise over the Himalayas.
  7. Catherine's bachelorette weekend in Miami.
  8. running my first 10k and surviving.
  9. spending Spring Break with the Mann siblings in London and Paris.
  10. exploring Kathmandu with the Jackalope.
  11. enjoying the wonders of ferris wheels, Stuck on a Truck, and deep fried Snickers bars at Toad Suck Daze with Dylan and Katie.
  12. bungee jumping in Nepal.
  13. Tom Petty and Regina Spektor concert.
  14. seeing Manganiyar Seduction, Big Scary, Jinja Safari, Bombay Bicycle Club and Delhi Sultanate [among others] at NH7 Weekender in Pune.
  15. introducing my brother to Bangalore.
  16. San Francisco weekend with Miriam and Dave and Chris and Christina.
  17. hanging out with the Peanut.
  18. meeting President Clinton.
  19. working on a project with Room to Read.
  20. exploring Bombay as an adult.
  21. being welcomed into the Rajbhandari family in Pokhara for 5 days.
  22. a new kind of family Christmas.
  23. my night as an extra on an ad shoot in Bombay.
  24. Goa weekend with the full jing-bang.
  25. seeing the lights of the Kathmandu Valley.
  26. the Veena and Sastri Biere Club Extravaganza of 2012.
  27. Coorg road trip with Shonali and Sanjeev.
  28. Friday adventures with the Erbach girls.
  29. lazy Sundays with Ang and Banj.
  30. half the year in the States, half the year on the subcontinent, with visits to London, Paris, and Nepal thrown in for good measure. I'd say that's a pretty good year.
I am trying to choose my 30 favourite pictures from the year for next week's final 2012 wrap-up, but it's proving to be a difficult task. We'll see how well I can pull it off between now and then.

Until then, hope everyone has a wonderful end to 2012 and a great start to 2013!

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