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04 November 2014

[audio] book review: the book with no pictures [bj novak]

I mentioned earlier this year that I loved BJ Novak's One More Thing, so when I heard he was publishing a children's book, I was ready. After seeing numerous pictures on the Instagram of him reading the book at elementary schools around the country, I decided to go the audiobook route and download it from Audible.

When I first saw that The Book With No Pictures was only 9 minutes long, I was admittedly a bit disappointed. I wanted it to be as long as a regular book so I could listen to Novak's voice for a few hours, but I had to remind myself that it is a children's book, and children's attention spans are short.

I listened to it on Saturday morning, and I was laughing so hard that I listened to it again. My mother kept tossing me funny looks because I couldn't control myself, and it just further cemented my status as an 8-year-old.

It's a great book, a little quirky, a little weird, and very BJ Novak. It's over really before it begins, and it will keep you going back for more. And although it is technically a children's book, I really feel like it appeals to all ages and generations. And I'm so glad I listened to it and got to feel like a child being read a bedtime story.

Any other good reads / listens out there?

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