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11 November 2014

marvelous memphis: cafe eclectic.

I had a few hours to kill last Friday before picking my mother up from her meeting at the Med, so I decided to check out Cafe Eclectic on McLean. It's right around the corner from Rhodes, but it didn't open until 2008, so I never got to visit while I was in school, but I have heard great things about it in the last few years and wanted to see it for myself.

[pretty sweet friday afternoon office]
Cafe Eclectic is a cute cafe full of bright art and natural light, and it's a great place to chill out, do a little work, and watch the traffic. There's always great music on, and the servers are super friendly. If I were at Rhodes now, I would be a regular customer [hell, I stay in Cordova, and I'm already turning into a regular customer].

I have yet to try any of the actual food, but the chocolate malt shakes are divine [and super healthy, I'm sure]. One day I will come here for an actual meal and comment on that, but the menu sounds pretty delicious.

For the time being, however, I will enjoy the space, the music, and the free Wi-Fi.

603 N McLean Blvd
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 725-1718
[there are also locations on Highland and in Harbortown]

Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm
Sunday 9am-3pm

Fun Fact:
You know those choose901 t-shirts that you can never seem to get your hands on? they have some for sale in the cafe!

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