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06 November 2014

marvelous memphis: river arts fest.

A few weekends ago I made it to a day of River Arts Fest on South Main, and it was pretty fabulous. All of South Main, from the Civil Rights Museum down to Webster, was blocked off to traffic and instead was teeming with artisans featuring and selling their wares.

[just a few of love pop's wares. can't wait for them to open this month]
Walshie and I spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon strolling from one end of the festival to the other, stopping along the way to peer into stalls, sample some sodas at Love Pop Soda Shop's pop-up shop [say that 5 times fast], and listen to DeltaCappella belt out a few songs.

[always love the look of the central station on south main]
We saw some prints - including a few by a photographer named Greg Turco - that were really nice, and we also saw some offbeat stuff that just looked weird, but the Fest was a great collection of work for all interests.

[those deltacappella boys]
All-in-all it was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying Memphis, and it was yet another reminder of what a marvelous city this is. The marvelous-ness especially comes out around this time of year, so be on the lookout for more Marvelous Memphis posts in the coming weeks.

[found a new favourite building on south main]
And remember to go out and enjoy this awesome city of ours.

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