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19 May 2014

book review: one more thing [bj novak]

When I finally finished The Round House [Louise Erdrich] last month, I knew I needed a break from "serious" books. I had it in my mind that I wanted to tackle Infinite Jest [David Foster Wallace] once summer started, but I needed something in between those two books to calm my brain and refocus myself.

Enter One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories* by BJ Novak. We all know BJ Novak from his role on The Office as well as his cameos in other movies such as Saving Mr Banks. He's funny and adorable and slightly awkward, and you really can't help but love him a little.

When I first found out that he was writing a book of short stories, I was pretty excited. Knowing that he had been a writer for The Office, I assumed his book would be a little funny, a little quirky, and extremely entertaining. When the book came out to rave reviews, I added it to my list and waited for it to be released in paperback.

And then, maybe a month ago, I decided I didn't really care about hardback-versus-paperback in this case, and I ordered it from Amazon. And when I got to the end of The Round House, I needed something a little lighter on my brain, so I decided to crack this one open.

This book gave me that opportunity to clear my mind along with so much more.

BJ - because we're on a first name basis now - has such a unique voice, and I loved each and every one of his stories, whether they were 3 lines or 20 pages long. I liked that a few of the characters were recurring and showed up in different stories along the way. I liked that he switched voices in each one, showing off his ability to get into the mindset of nearly anyone. And I really liked that it was a light, simple read that still made you think from time-to-time. It was exactly what I needed, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend this book. If you are a fan of BJ Novak, of The Office, of short stories, or of entertainment in general, check it out.

And say hello to the girl who gives great advice for me.

*A quick note: this is an affiliate link generated by Amazon. That means that if you purchase the book using this link, I will receive a very tiny portion for recommending the product. It won't increase your price at all, it's just a way for me generate a small revenue when I post these reviews. I don't receive any money from Amazon for the review, so I choose what I want to review and when. Thank you to anyone who uses the link to purchase the book!

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