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27 May 2014

20 of 52: my week in little rock with maddy and gina-dog.

My love for the Carroll family is no secret. It began because of my friendship with Maggie at the Clinton School - we met about a week before Orientation, realized we're both a little crazy, and have been friends ever since. We have bonded over our shared loved of all things Indian, we have supported each other through difficult personal times in our lives, and we have laughed together more times than I can remember. And through Maggie, I came to know her family: Papa John, Mama Tiziana, Molly [aka The Middle], and Maddy [aka The Little]. They invited me to their home numerous times for yummy Italian meals, and in many ways they became like another family for me when I missed my own.

Maggie has now flitted off to New York to live the life of an up-and-coming journalist and documentary filmmaker, and Molly has taken off to Seattle to make her way as an actress, but the parents and the Little are still holding strong in Little Rock.

A few months ago, Maggie messaged me with a proposition. Her parents would be traveling for a week in mid-May, and they wanted someone to stay with Maddy and to take care of Gina, their fabulous dog. Since I work from home and have a fairly flexible schedule, I jumped at the chance. A change of scenery sounded fantastic, and I looked forward to getting to hang out with the Little for a week.

And what a week it was. We went to the Greek Food Festival and to the movies. We hung out with Grady and Lydia, with the Bodini family, and with Britney. Maddy tried Slim Chickens for the first time -- only the third time Bee and I have shared the Slims with anyone. We shuttled around to bus stops and piano lessons and dance practice. We ate pizza and watched reruns of Bones and Seinfeld. I had new scenery for a few runs, and I took Gina for slow, ambling walks around the neighbourhood. I got to catch up with Alex Thomas, with Angela, and with Lauren. And I briefly got to see Caroline and Olivia [who is taller than I am now. I can't handle it].

[we tried to take the picture without smiling, but then that just made us laugh even more. perhaps being stealth is not in our blood]
[introducing the Little to the Slims. it was a match made in heaven]
[forget the nice comfortable bed she has. when we're upstairs, she sleeps at the foot of the stairs] 
[i very much enjoy laughing at the empty "traffic circles" in their neighbourhood. because if i laugh, it keeps me from screaming about how annoying they really are]
[i had to swing by central to drop off something for maddy, so obviously i couldn't resist taking a slightly crooked picture. so much history in that building]
It was great to get out of town for a bit, to have a longer time in LR, and to have a new work environment, however briefly. I think my favourite part was when Maddy dubbed me an honorary sister.

[can't you see the family resemblance? we clearly look alike]
Highest praise I've ever received.

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