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27 August 2014

veen on the road: brit's bach beach bash.

The first weekend of my road trip took us to Carolina Beach for Bee's bachelorette weekend, dubbed "Brit's Bach Beach Bash". Britney's cousin Cindy generously offered us the use of her home on the island, and 7 of us piled in to make camp for the weekend.

It was a 2.5 day whirlwind of gifts and drinks and beach-going and dancing, and it offered us all a chance to spend some time chilling out and getting to know each other before the wedding. We threw a little lingerie shower for the bride-to-be, we got a few songs dedicated to Bee by the band at the Sea Witch on Saturday night, and I managed to sneak in a run along the causeway and viewings of the World Cup third place and final matches.

I loved getting to spend a few days celebrating Britney and also meeting and getting to know the rest of the wedding party. I'd only met Stacy and Amy once each before, and I had not met Rachele or Angelia, so it was nice to meet them before the actual wedding.

[bee and kati before friday night shenanigans]
[rachele and bee recounting funny high school stories]
[book of gorgeous photos amy took of b+b before their nc shower]
[the vee-bees strike again]
[freeman park beach. yes please]
[hunting for amusements at the sea witch] 
[that's a girl who just got some sunglasses thrown at her from the band's guitarist]
[rach and bee before sunday morning brunch. so many curls happening] 
[rachele, britney, and amy]
[bee and amy before brunch]
[bee and amy, again]
[our brunch view from gibby's deck]
[so many boats ready to set sail]
[awesome spot for brunch, if you're ever in carolina beach] 
[my bloody mary concoction from the bar. it was pretty spectacular]
[bee with her bloody mary] 
[the brunch gang, from left to right: bee, robin, cindy, stacy, amy, angelia, and rachele]
[dinner gang, night one]
[bee and amy]
[me and rachele]
[the gang at the sea witch]
[rach and amy]
[the sister-gang] 
[britney and stacy] 
[scamming sunglasses from all over the place]
Bachelorette weekends are always a bit of a shitshow, but when they include the beach and copious amounts of Jack Daniel's, I'm pretty set.

[I know the pictures are a bit out of order. sorry 'bout that, and I promise I'll fix it before the next post. that's what happens when you have too many cameras]

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