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15 August 2014

on the horizon.

It's been a quiet few weeks on the blog front, what with the whole "being on the road for 5 weeks and switching towns every 3 or 4 days" thing. I wanted to keep up with posts while I was gone, but I wanted to get out and explore the places I was visiting more, so this space went on the back burner for a bit. I have lots of posts in the works, and I am hoping to roll them out in the next few weeks while I continue to ease myself back into life in Memphis and into my job hunting.

Things to be on the lookout for in the next few weeks / months:
  • the books I read / listened to while on the road
  • my favourite restaurants / meals in North Carolina and Virginia
  • notes on domestic explorations
  • more in-depth posts about the sights I visited, including photographs from an actual camera as opposed to just the ones from my phone
  • lots of photographs in general
  • my next steps and year-end goals [number one: FIND A JOB THAT PAYS MONEY]
  • upcoming travel plans
So as you can see, the next few months will keep me busy on here. My goal is a post every other day, but with my brother in town, we'll see how well I stick to that [every third day might be more realistic]. They'll get posted when they get posted, but all will be back up and running soon.

Here's to more writing and more blogging and more sharing.

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