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27 August 2014

33 of 52: resting and recovering.

It's been a long few months. Don't get me wrong, they have been fun and full of adventure, but they have also been busy and exhausting, and this last week was just what I needed: days full of rest and relaxation and vegging out and watching movies and eating comfort food.

With my brother home for his break, it becomes almost like a pseudo-break for me. We spend most days on the couch watching reruns of Chuck and Psych along with whatever sporting events we can find.

In between I found time for a few other things, too. I went for a few leisurely runs. I got all my hairs chopped off. I worked my first Fanbank event. I caught up with Walker and Joe and was introduced to the world of Settlers of Catan.

[hairs are all gone! shortest it's been in 5 years, and I love it]
But mostly I chilled. And it was exactly what I needed. Bring on the real world this week.

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