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14 August 2014

31 of 52: two b's in a pod.

My Bestie Bee got married to the awesome Brandon last weekend, and I was honored and thrilled to be a part of their special day.

[koozie display as set up by yours truly]
It was a crazy weekend, with lots of planning and decorating and dress-ordering and hair- and makeup-doing, but in the end everything came together beautifully, and it was a ceremony and reception that I won't soon forget.

[me and alyssa. we're besties for life]
Both Britney and Brandon put a lot of thought and effort into the decorations, all of which were beautiful and thoughtful, and the entire evening was a perfect representation of who they are both as individuals and as a couple.

[pretty perfectly sums up our friendship]
The weekend provided an opportunity to see some Clinton School friends I've not seen in a long time, and it also allowed me to meet and spend time with more of Britney and Brandon's family and friends. I especially loved meeting Alyssa, Brandon's sister's daughter and the flower girl for the wedding -- I'm pretty sure she and I are best friends now.

[so happy to see these two guys]
Parts of the night are still a bit of a blur, but it was an experience I will remember forever.

[proud gatherers of the garter and bouquet...?]
[the veebees] 
[photo booth fun with the clinton school kids]
other highlights included: Indian feasting in Asheville; toured the Biltmore; scored an August 1936 edition of Gone With the Wind [it was originally published in June 1936]; visited the Thomas Wolfe Memorial; family reunion; quality time with the Muffin.

[on the drive to asheville through the nantahala national forest] 
[veg thali from mela in asheville. so deliciously good, and it could have fed at least 3 people]
[the biltmore, aka my great-grandfather's house]
[goodies from chocolate fetish. don't worry, i saved a few for my parents] 
[rough draft of the program for the wedding. i knew i took those sharpies with me for a reason]
[sunday morning post-wedding brunch. look at all that sausage gravy!] 
[little muffin loves her cheerios] 
[a reunion of friends at the jackalope taproom. great way to wrap up my weeks on the road. and yes, i still have my wedding hair. don't hate, appreciate]
[morning cuddles with baby evelyn]
And thus ends this crazy 5-week road trip. I can't believe it, either.

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