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17 May 2012

bucket list progress.

These last few weeks have been good for checking items off my bucket list. The ones in bold below have all recently been completed...

  • Climb Pinnacle Mountain [still haven't managed this one. there are a few days yet to get this one in]
  • Picture of the Day / more pictures in general [I've sort of been doing this, but between my phone, my small camera, and my big camera, they're all over the place]
  • Cardinals Exhibit at the Library [I'm not so bothered about this, but if there's time, I'd like to see it]
  • Arkansas baseball game in Fayetteville [ran out of weekends, unfortunately]
  • Distillery tour [done!]
  • Thunder Thieves gig in Morrilton
  • Museum of Discovery
  • Central High School Museum
  • Picnic by the river [hasn't happened, but I have spent some time down by the river recently, so for the time being, we're going to count that]
  • Butler Center [one day soon]
  • Travelers game

thunder thieves gig. finally the stars aligned, and I was able to make it to Morrilton for one of Mitchell's shows. it coincided with the Toad Suck Daze festival in Conway, so one Friday, Katie, Dylan, and I hit the road to ride some rides and eat some corn dogs before finding our way over to Jose's Supper Club for some rock and roll. it was quite the evening, and Katie and I are back in Mitchell's good graces. thank goodness.

museum of discovery. um, awesome place. Dylan and I went there on Tuesday afternoon to have a look around, and we managed to keep ourselves amused for nearly 2 hours. there are lots of cool exhibits where you can play with magnets and test your balance and try to land a rocket and lie on a bed of nails and on and on and on. there's even a recreation of the tornado that hit in 1999. and the best part of the whole thing? we got in for free! there was no one at the admissions desk when we walked in, so the entire experience cost us nothing more than a few hours out of our day. can't beat that.

central high school. full disclosure: I didn't actually get to go through the museum. a group of us had lunch with some of the Principal's Cabinet students in the Central High library, after which they gave us tours around the school. it was a really cool afternoon, and I will eventually return to the museum, but it might have to wait until next year.

travelers game. went last night, sat in the beer garden, ate and drank and watched baseball for a grand total of roughly $15, give or take. not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening, if you ask me.

So other than climbing Pinnacle [I still have two potential mornings for that next week!], I've hit all of the big ones that were on my list. There are still a few restaurants I need to try, and since I have no food in my fridge, hopefully that will happen next week once I am back in town.

If anyone has any last-minute suggestions for things I need to do or places I need to go before I leave the Rock next Thursday, be sure to pass them along. Time is running out!

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