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28 June 2011

i started packing.

Don't worry, you don't need to get your eyes checked.  That does indeed state that I began my packing process.  A week before I leave.  No wonder the weather is a bit funky today.  I pulled out my duffel bag, dusted it off [it was looking rough], and started tossing some of my stuff in.  Chacos, trainers, heels, sweaters and hoodies and cardigans, dresses, stuff for my mum, a few kurtas and pyjamas, shawls...all the stuff I know I won't need for the next week got zipped up.

Why did I start so early?  Well, I actually thought ahead, and realized that today, Thursday, and Friday are really the only days I have to actually pack my bags and also clean out my house.  I'm out of the house all day tomorrow - lunch at Dorothy's house, my hair needs a trimming, Puma is having a 60% off sale, drinks at Guzzlers and Tavern, dinner with Amai and Kishore - Saturday will mostly be spent at the farm, and I want to have as much stuff as possible packed by the time my mum arrives on Sunday so that I can start taking my stuff to Bern's house.

Clothes-wise I don't have a whole lot, considering I've been here for 4 years.  I'm leaving behind most of my salwars, a few jumpers, and quite a few of my t-shirts.  Weight-wise I should also be ok, seeing as how I can distribute everything throughout 3 bags.  It's just a pain in the ass trying to sort through everything and deciding what to leave and what to take.  Amai has already claimed some stuff for herself, so now I'm waiting for everyone else to come through and take their turns.  Hopefully there won't be too much left at the end that just gets tossed.

As of now I'm still motivated to get it all done, so keep your fingers crossed that that keeps up.  For now, however, I'm off to dinner at the third-born's house...

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