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25 June 2011

birthday week / last week in bangalore.

Yes, that's right.  We are now down to Veena's last week in Bangalore.  How we got here so suddenly, I will never understand.

The Impington group left this morning, and suddenly I look around and realise that I am also leaving in approximately 9 days.  Yikes.

There is lots to be done this week, which means that I am mostly going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  A bit of shopping; Vaidehi's wedding; Amai's birthday lunch; dinner at Shonu's house; lunch at Dorothy's; dinner at Kamal and Tanya's; nice birthday dinner with Prakash-a; a few last-minute Peace Child duties [newsletter blurbs; one final visit to say bye to the rugrats at the Boys' Home; finishing the project description notebook; etc]; and spending some nice quality time with baby Nilah before I leave and she forgets me forever.  And that is all before my farewell party on Saturday.  Then my mother arrives on Sunday morning.  Then we leave super-duper early on Tuesday morning.  Oh.  And apparently I am supposed to pack somewhere in all of that mess.

We kicked off birthday week last night.  According to Prakash, I will be receiving one surprise each day/evening.  Yesterday's was a nice shiny new bottle of Jack Daniel's.  The boy certainly does know the way to my heart.  Jane, Morgan, Carlos, Katharina, Prakash and I each had a shot last night to toast to the week.

Wonder what today's surprise will be...

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