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02 March 2015

in photos: february 2015.

A few of my favourite scenes from the last month:

[love these girls helping each other count]
[these two ladies have such great smiles and are always so friendly each time i see them. i think i'll miss them the most when i leave next week]
[partying hard on a saturday night]
[this might be the coolest sign i've seen in a school yet]
[and this might be the coolest school i've seen yet]
[hard at work on their english lessons]
[riding camels on the highway. just another day in india]
[sunrise over majestic bus stand. so glad to have a quick trip home in the middle of the month]
[i lived through the metro construction for 6 years, so i feel obligated to ride it as often as i can]
[dosa camp on cambridge road. one of the best i've had in bangalore]
[enjoying my biryani at paradise. thank you to the kind waiter who offered to take a photo of me]
[butter masala dosa and lots of chutney options. my mouth still waters remembering this lunch]
[my most favourite auto driver ever]
[so eager to learn new things!]
Happy March!

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