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27 February 2015

weekly roundup 02 // 2015.

I'm back again. Looks like maybe this might become a regular thing after all? We'll see, but for now it has my attention.

My favourite photo from this week:

[the friendliest auto driver i've ever known]
Some links to articles and other fun stuffs:

Have you heard about the documentary The Wolfpack about 6 brothers who were locked inside their home in Lower Manhattan for 12 years with their only escape being the movies they watched incessantly? I am both fascinated and appalled and want to see this film.

Indian kids are using hand-drawn maps to map their slums and spur developmental improvements in their areas. As a map nerd and as someone who has worked in development in India for a decade, this makes my heart happy.

I love this idea of cities going car-free. Just imagine Bangalore or even Bombay with no cars!

A great article on Roads and Kingdoms about the South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata. I would love to have a wander through there on my next visit to the city.

I cannot stop looking at the photos in Bridges and Balloons' photo essay of the Kerala backwaters. I can feel my feet beginning to itch...

In case you missed it:

My current favourite podcasts. Do you have any I should add to my list?

The books I've read so far this year. I'm one-third of the way through my goal of reading 15 books for fun in 2015!

What fun things have you seen around the interwebs this week? I'd love to know!

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