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02 February 2015

in photos: january 2015.

January was a crazy month. I started a new job. I went from Bombay to Bangalore and finally to Hyderabad. I rang in the year at Janata, caught up with a lot of fun friends and babies, and have been enjoying exploring a new city. And here you have what the month has looked like as seen through the lens of my camera[phone]. [apologies for repeats which have appeared in previous posts]


[ringing in 2015 with steph and co at janata]
[artsy decor at my farewell bombay dinner]
[love my bombay kiddos so much]

[chamarajpet: my first home in bangalore nearly 10 years ago and still one of my sanctuaries in the city]
[kicking off our tinfinity celebrations at guzzlers]
[the next generation of the devaraj family. so many girls!]
[so many fresh vegetables for only $2! just another reason why i love india]
[pongal lunch]
[peanut is such a cheeseball]
[hoirong show at counterculture. love seeing kamal on stage again]

[adorable indian schoolchildren]
[afternoon snacks when i'm working at home: sev, cashew biscuits, and an orange]
[having a celebration in your home? just shut down the street. no big deal]
[my favourite room in the salar jung museum, the manuscript room] 
[driving past the charminar] 
[strolling around the chowmahalla palace]
[love seeing the kids' cycles all lined up at the schools] 
[students' tiffin boxes get delivered from home throughout the morning and placed outside their classrooms]
One month down, only eleven more to go!

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