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05 March 2015

weekly roundup 03 // 2015.

It's March, it's Holi, and I go back to Bangalore in just over a week. Let's do this!

My favourite picture from the week:

[my favourite little ladies at one of the schools]
Links and things:

In watching this awesome UNICEF video about a girl in Ethiopia's struggle to attend school, I also discovered the music of SOJA, and now I can't stop listening. Great beats + great messages.

A new study shows that pregnant women in India are underweight. It's why we have such high birth rates but also such high rates of childhood illness and death.

This list on Smosh - plus the graphics - about things only book lovers will understand cracked me up. This is my life to a T.

A great piece on Friends of the Weather about the changes - both positive and negative - that tourism can affect on those "off-the-beaten-path" places. It's something I struggle with whenever I travel - especially in India - and I love the way Rachel articulates her thoughts.

On a slightly similar note, a great article from Audrey of Uncornered Market on travel as a force for good. I especially loved the shout-out for Reality Tours + Reality Gives -- my favourite Bombay recommendation!

In case you missed it:

February's photo roundup.

Happy Holi, friends!