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16 December 2014

memphis eats: bbq spaghetti from the bar-b-q shop.

[tell me this doesn't look delicious. i dare you]
I love Memphis food a lot, and I love Memphis BBQ more than anything else. There are plenty of joints I have not yet tried, but my tried-and-true favourites are Central BBQ [on Central. obviously], Blues City Cafe, and The Bar-B-Q Shop. I go to each one for specific dishes, but until yesterday, I had never tried one of Bar-B-Q Shop's most famous dishes: the BBQ Spaghetti.

Once I knew when I was leaving Memphis, I began working backward from my departure date and planning out my remaining Memphis meals, and yesterday was Bar-B-Q Shop's turn in the rotation. Although my standard go-to is a regular pork sandwich plate with fries and baked beans, I decided this would be a good time to try one of their signature dishes.

And it was delicious. It's spaghetti with bbq sauce, which in and of itself is brilliant, and then there is pulled pork instead of meatballs. There is really no way to go wrong with that, and I was so happy with my lunch decision that I ate every last bite [I had the "side portion", which was a full meal for me].

And in outside news, Bar-B-Q Shop was just named the best BBQ in the Mid-South by a readers' poll conducted by the Memphis Business Journal. So you know it's legit.

Trust me when I say it is totally worth a try. If you're not a convert, I'll buy you lunch the next time I'm back in Memphis.

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