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29 December 2014

51 of 52: a family christmas.

It's no secret that Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love the entire season, the decorations and the good cheer and the general festiveness of the time of year. That month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favourite time of year.

[so many pretty, pretty ornaments]
This year that month was much more hectic than usual, as in between the general frivolity I had to also say my goodbyes and prepare for my move around the world. I would be lying if I said it wasn't stressful, but it was also more enjoyable in a way as well.

[up and decorated and lit on the day after thanksgiving. quite possibly my favourite day in the year]
And it was made especially special because we managed to have another family Christmas with all four of us in Memphis. It was the second year in a row that both my brother and I were home, something we have not accomplished since probably my second year of undergrad. Between him being away at school and my back-and-forth between the States and India, one of us is usually away, so it was nice for us to be able to celebrate together.

[this santa was a little drunk from last christmas, so he got put in jail for a while]
Now that my brother and I are technically "grown up", Christmas isn't quite the event it was when we were children, but I still like to go a little crazy if I am in town. The tree and ornaments went up the day after Thanksgiving, as did the stocking and tinsel. The wreaths were hung on the door, and a new inflatable snowman was procured to take up residence in the front yard. Our plethora of random Santas were spread throughout the house, and every now and then you could hear one singing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and shaking his hips. And whenever my father was home, the Christmas radio station was playing in the background.

[festiveness on beale st]
Even though the week of Christmas was crazy, the day itself was pretty relaxed. We slept in, we exchanged a few gifts, we stuffed ourselves silly, we played some cards and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and then we had family nap time. That's a pretty solid Christmas right there.

[that's my favourite holiday tradition, too. we really are destined to be best friends]
Seeing as how I don't know what my Christmas plan will be next year or where I will be, I was particularly thankful to have this time at home this year. It can get a little tense when all four of us are under the same roof for too long, but I will forever be convinced I have the best family in the world.

[christmas morning]
other highlights included: Lindsay and Miss Evelyn stopped by on their way to Little Rock to have lunch with me; farewell to India Palace dinner with friends; farewell to Gus's family lunch on Christmas Eve; traditional farewell chocolate chip pancakes as made by my mother.

[i think we all know she's the one i'm going to miss most]
[farewell to india palace. man, that place is good]
[christmas eve lunch at gus's. obviously]
[prepping the tandoori for christmas eve dinner]
[butter chicken, green beans, and black eyed peas. christmas night]
[every time i leave for india, my mother makes me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. she really is the best]
[passing the time at the memphis airport]
[stranded in chicago for a night = room service and one of the best episodes of friends]
[finally saying farewell to chicago]
Happy almost 2015!

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