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15 October 2014

veen on the road: chattanooga's walking bridge.

One of my favourite spots in Chattanooga is the downtown Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge.

[all lit up and glowing]
Built in 1891 as a roadway, the bridge was declared to be not structurally sound toward the end of the 1900s and was slated to be torn down. After some uproar from the local citizens, the bridge was saved and renovated into a walking bridge to connect downtown to the north shore of the city. Not only is it an easy and scenic way to get from one side of the river to the other, but it has helped to revitalize both sides, paving the way for new parks, restaurants, and shops to grow and thrive.

[view of downtown chattanooga by night]
The bridge - the world's longest pedestrian bridge, fyi - is used by hundreds and probably thousands of people each day: Chattanoogans and visitors alike use it for walking, jogging, cycling, and even taking their dogs for a stroll.

[and this is what it looks like during the day. just stunning]
I got to venture across the bridge twice while I was in town, once on Friday night after getting ice cream with Will and again on Monday afternoon after visiting the Aquarium. I loved getting to experience it both at night and during the day, because Chattanooga is beautiful at any hour, and it serves as a great reminder of what a gorgeous city it really is.

Oh, Chattanooga. How I love thee.

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