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18 June 2014

marvelous memphis: a new series highlighting the things that make memphis grand.

I stopped into Barnes & Noble recently to grab a few maps and a road atlas for my upcoming road trip to eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. While perusing the travel section, I picked up a copy of Lonely Planet's Eastern US guide to thumb through. I always enjoy seeing what the LP has to say about the cities I've lived in, and I found myself getting sucked into the Memphis section.

There were the obvious selections, like Graceland and the Civil Rights Museum, that I've visited before. There were other staples, like Sun Studio and the Stax Museum, that I am ashamed to say I've not been to yet. And then there were others, like an Underground Railroad museum just north of downtown, that I didn't even know existed.

It all made me remember my pledge at the beginning of the year to explore more of Memphis, to see all the awesome things this city has to offer. I've done fairly well with trying new [to me] restaurants, but I've not really explored sights the way I wanted to or should have.

And so I am launching a new series: Marvelous Memphis. It will be my attempt, in however many months I have remaining here, to visit and talk about awesome places in Memphis. I will revisit a few, like the Civil Rights Museum [gotta check out their renovations], but I'm going to try my best, at least in the beginning, to hit up places I've never been before. To explore this marvelous city of ours and share it with all of you, wherever you may be.

I'm going to be basing my initial wanders off a number of sources, primarily the aforementioned LP page, the ILoveMemphisBlog, and TripAdvisor, but I am always open to suggestions, advice, and helpful hints.

Join me as I explore Marvelous Memphis!

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