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16 June 2014

23 of 52: a memphis saturday.

Last week was one of those weeks. I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off, but I'm also not sure how much I actually accomplished. There were a lot of drives between my house and Midtown / downtown, there were various animals to be checked on, and there were traffic jams seemingly everywhere in the city, so it felt like it took longer to get anywhere. By the time Friday night rolled around, I was wiped.

And then Saturday happened.

To begin with, I finally managed to get my hairs cut, since I'd missed my appointment on Thursday due to the aforementioned traffic. I'd been needing a trim for about a month, and I finally managed to make it happen. Bonus points to Stephanie, the girl who cut it and who made me feel pretty glamorous by the end of it.

[this is what my hair can look like, so long as someone else is in charge of it]
Late afternoon found me at the opening of High Cotton's taproom over on Monroe. HCB has been distributing their beer around the city for a few months, but the grand opening of the taproom was over the weekend. While it was a bit intimidatingly crowded, I really liked the vintage setup, and I even tried a glass of the ESB and didn't cringe while drinking it [reminder: I am not a beer drinker]. The patio section was pretty nice, and I wouldn't mind returning to partake in another glass and some yummy from the food trucks parked outside.

[the requisite picture of the "beer!" sign behind the bar at high cotton's taproom]
From there Jane, Greta, and I grabbed a quick bite at Kwik Chek [Greta's first visit! unbelievable] and then headed over to the Levitt Shell to listen to Rosanne Cash. It was packed full, but we managed to find our friends and settled in for the show. It was great to sit back and listen to some music, enjoy the weather, and catch up with friends for a few hours, and it was a great cap to my Saturday.

[out at the shell to see rosanne cash. along with the rest of the city of memphis]
Even though it was a long week, there were quite a few positive happenings, but Saturday definitely capped it off.

other highlights included: getting The Wandering Samaritan blog up and running; saw The Fault in Our Stars; TNLN dinner at Gus's; hung out with Frankie the Cat for a night; had my orientation to be a Regional Ambassador for Girl Rising; helped Walshie clear all the bricks from her back patio; long overdue phone call with the third-born; finally got to experience the Orpheum's Summer Movie Series and finally saw Bridesmaids; moved into Christina's for the week; Father's Day feast with the parents; picked up my bridesmaid dress!

Here's to a less stressful, more relaxing week ahead for all of us.

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