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23 June 2014

24 of 52: my life on the island.

To which island am I referring? Why, Mud Island, of course!

My friend Christina has been in Richmond, Virginia, for the last 10 days for her sister's wedding festivities, so I have been hanging out in her apartment on Mud Island and keeping an eye on her sweet dog, Millie.

[that's the look millie gives me when i start talking like a crazy woman. so pretty much all the time]
Millie is pretty low-maintenance, only requiring food and water in her bowl, a few walks a day, and some general company and attention. As a result, I took full advantage of a change in location to enjoy daily views of my favourite Mighty Mississippi, get a lot of work done, and generally enjoy being within the Memphis city limits.

[it's a tough life this girl has carved out for herself]
We all know I am not the biggest fan of living in Cordova, so it was nice to be able to get out and enjoy this great city again. It only took me 10-15 minutes to get to places in Midtown, and I was able to do some things in this area that I normally would not have done. And of course getting to go for daily walks along the river made me eternally happy.

[we stumbled upon a 7-man cricket match one day]
This last week gave me a newfound appreciation for being a part of the Memphis community, and it's made me give serious thought to finding a long-term job here and sticking around for a few more years. Hmmm.

other highlights included: catching up on some Modern Family and Parks & Rec episodes; visiting the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum [full post coming soon]; trying out the recently-opened Babalu; lunch at Kwik Chek with my mother; lunch at Curry Bowl with the parents; lots of World Cup watching.

[great memphis find, especially for history buffs]
[always fun to try out new restaurants]
I need weeks like this one every now and again to keep my batteries charged. Christina, let me know next time you need someone to hang out with Millie :)

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