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08 November 2012

30 thursdays: 30 dream jobs.

As I [very] slowly begin my job search for my post-graduate school career, I've been thinking a lot about the various answers I've had throughout my life whenever I've been asked what do you want to do / be when you grow up? My initial, smart-ass response is generally "I'm never going to grow up", but I've also gone through a myriad of other responses in my 29 years on this earth. My interests have been ever-changing, and my attention span is pretty short, so it's a pretty random, eclectic collection [as are most things in my life, really]. So below you will find the 30 jobs I would love to do if time, money, qualifications, location, etc. were not factors. Hey, a girl can dream.

30 dream jobs:
  1. teacher
  2. first female Monday Night Football sideline reporter [this was when I was a wee tot and there were no MNF women]
  3. SportsCenter anchor
  4. travel writer
  5. travel photographer
  6. sports photographer
  7. journalist
  8. artist [this got shot down when it became apparent that I have zero artistic abilities]
  9. own an independent bookstore
  10. sports agent
  11. lawyer
  12. social worker
  13. pretty much any position with a foundation [fundraising / event management / monitoring and evaluation / etc.]
  14. superintendent of the Boys' Home
  15. director of community service / servant leadership at a middle / high school
  16. dorm parent at Baylor
  17. book editor / publisher
  18. sports broadcaster
  19. owner of the Atlanta Braves
  20. pediatric oncologist [too bad I don't really like science]
  21. pilot
  22. novelist
  23. professor
  24. drummer [unfortunately, my musical talent might actually be worse than my artistic ability]
  25. chef
  26. forensic pathologist
  27. crime scene investigator [I've watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds and Bones]
  28. FBI agent
  29. director of an NGO
  30. something that allows me to travel extensively while still being paid [this is really what I'm gunning for, so let me know if you have any suggestions!]
And there you have it. Wish me luck as I try to figure out the next phase of my life!
woo pig.

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