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17 October 2012

random rambles.

1. I've had more social interactions in the last 4 days in Delhi than I think I had in my entire 2 months in Nepal. Lunch at Anish's house in Gurgaon on Saturday; dinner in Hauz Khas Village with Shonali's friend Nithya on Saturday; drinks in Lodi Restaurant with Rob's friend Divya on Sunday; drinks and snacks with Pranay and Vikki Sunday evening in Defense Colony; drinks with Bobby in GK I Monday; drinks with Rohan and his friends in Khan Market yesterday; dinner with the Swedes and the French last night. I'm exhausted all over again just reading that.

2. I'm about halfway through The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks [Rebecca Skloot] for my UACS book club, and it's very interesting. I really like the way Skloot has arranged the book, and I've already learned a lot through the first 170-odd pages.

3. I have received preliminary approval for my Capstone! Next step: write my PPR, draft my Work Plan, compose my Annotated Bibliography, etc. Fingers crossed.

4. I submitted my draft of my final report for Room to Read to my contacts last week. I'm waiting to hear back from them regarding their thoughts, and then my final draft is due next Friday. Looks like there is going to be a lot of reading and researching and writing in my immediate future.

5. Between now and my eventual shift to Bombay in mid-November, I will be traveling to Andhra [Peanut's getting her head shaved!], Pune [NH7 Weekender with the third-born], and Goa [Devaraj cousins take over Morjim]. It's going to be a crazy few weeks.

6. Rob and I have been getting up in the mornings and going for runs in Lodi Garden. It's been great to exercise again, and I am slowly building up my endurance for that half-marathon in January I seem to think I'll be able to run. Eeks.

7. I've somehow gotten the idea stuck in my head to spend Christmas in Cambridge with the Mann family, and Rob and Ellie are not doing anything to discourage me. That should be a fun conversation with my parents.

8. I've enjoyed Delhi more than I expected to - it helps to have friends to hang out with - but I am ready to be back home. Bangalore-bound on Sunday!

9. Fantasy basketball is almost upon us. I have one draft next week and another the following week and am hoping being out of the country and out of the loop will actually help rather than hinder my teams. We'll see how that pans out for me and how quickly I get distracted and stop bothering with it.

10. I've not forgotten about my 30thursdays or my 30before30 posts. Both will be returning in the coming weeks as I sort out other bits and bobs of my life.

woo pig.

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