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08 October 2012

my camera's vision of nepal.

I did not take nearly as many pictures in Nepal as I should have, but I managed to get a fair few, and here they are for your viewing pleasure...

[stupa at Boudha]

[closeup of the stupa]

[prayer flags all the way up to the top]

[walking around the stupa. clockwise, of course]

[more prayer flags]

[Patan Durbar Square]

[Patan Durbar Square]

[Patan Durbar Square]

[I always like a good picture of a tree]

[Jackalope looks confused]

[inside Pashupatinath]

[inside Pashupatinath]

[rice paddies near one of the schools]

[our view on our drives to the schools and back]

[more rice paddies]

[the "steamer" that took us across the river. just picture it with 20 people, 5 buffaloes, 3 motorbikes, and 2 bicycles. it's an adventure, to be sure]

[more shots out the jeep on our way back to the hotel]

[sunset over the water]

[Pokhara lakeside]

[Pokhara lakeside]

[so many pretty boats]
And there you have it, my life in Nepal summed up in 21 pictures [plus the ones I already posted from the top of Sarangkot]. I'm still learning the ins and outs of my camera, so the pictures unfortunately do not do it justice.

Happy week ahead!
woo pig.

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