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20 July 2012

the cutest peanut in the world.

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Amai's daughter Nilah. Amai's was the first pregnancy I was in close contact with for its entire duration, and Nilah is the first baby - outside of ones I've babysat - with whom I've spent so much time. And there's no way you can spend time with her and not become obsessed with her. She had my brother wrapped around her fingers within 5 minutes of them being introduced.

One of the things I missed so much about being gone from Bangalore for 11 months was missing her growing into a real person. When I left last July, she was almost 10 months old, so I missed all the months where she learned to walk and talk and communicate her wants and needs and feelings. When I first saw her again, she was a bit skeptical of the crazy loud American, but she quickly warmed up to me, and now we're pretty much best friends, just like last year.

We like to hang out with the rabbits on the terrace. We like to eat cucumbers and bananas together. We like to read Curious George and the Berenstain Bears together and then make up our own animated stories. We like to spend all day traveling up and down and through the various houses in Chamarajpet, seeing what free things we can pick up along the way. And most fun of all, we like to harass Amai.

And of course, my camera loves her as well. Because I generally only have my phone with me when I go to see her, most of my pictures of her are on here. And here they are, so that you can see for yourself just how perfect she is.

If for no reason other than her, I'm never leaving Bangalore again.

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