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16 July 2012

30 things to do before I turn 30 [an ongoing list].

I have been discussing with a lot of friends recently that I want to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 next year. It's not necessarily a "bucket list", and it doesn't have to be full of big adventures; rather, it's a compilation of various things, both big and small, that I want to do before next July 1 rolls around.

My list is still in the process of being completed, but I figured it was probably time to finally start writing down what I have so far. I am open to [realistic] suggestions of things to add, should any of you have any. And no, getting married is not on the list. So don't even think about suggesting it.

And here we go.

  1. Go bungee jumping.
  2. Go sky-diving.
  3. Spend one week on my own in Honey Valley, cut off from the world and from all of my electronic gadgets.
  4. Do a wine tour [preferably in California, but due to logistical constraints, improvisations may have to be made].
  5. Complete my Master of Public Service degree.
  6. Run a half marathon.
  7. Explore a new part of India.
So as you can see, my list still leaves a lot to be desired. Mostly because Shonali seems to think running off and joining the circus is a realistic suggestion. So please help me fill in the rest of my list so that I do not have to do that. I'm not quite sure what the Indian circus is like...

Here's to some interesting new adventures in the next eleven-and-a-half months.

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  1. You should come back to Little Rock in March to do the half marathon! I'm doing it again, fo sho!