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07 June 2012

my classmates are taking over the world.

My classmates are currently spread all over the world, working on awesome projects with some great organizations. There are links on the sidebar for those who are blogging about their adventures, if you are interested in reading about their capers. As my project does not begin until the end of July, you have some time yet to wait before being able to read about mine.

My dear sweet Maggie is working with Heifer International's India office in Delhi and has just had an entry published on their blog about her arrival in India. She will be posting entries each week [I think] about her time with their office, so be sure to check back to read more of her insights.

What can I say, my classmates are rockstars.

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  1. Just saw this, you are the best for posting it! Thanks for being such a great representative of this amazing country, V (the more important of the two V-names in my life...). I am happy I came to work here.

    Can't wait to read about your work!