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23 November 2011

what the coming weeks will bring.

This is such a great time of year for so many reasons:

  • for the most part, it's getting colder outside.
  • college football games become more and more dramatic.
  • all the lights and decorations going up for Christmas.
  • holiday parties with yummy food.
  • people generally have a spring in their step thinking about the holidays and spending time with families.
...the list can go on for days. For grad students, however, this time of year brings many other things with it, such as finals and projects and presentations.

My calendar between now and Christmas looks something like this:
  • Nov 28 - Leadership Final Development Plan due
  • Nov 30 - Law & Ethics paper due
  • Dec 7 - Decision Analysis Final Project due
  • Dec 9 - Communication Final Memo due
  • Dec 9 - Law & Ethics final paper due
  • Dec 13 - Practicum Integrative Learning paper due
  • Dec 14 - Decision Analysis Final Exam
I'm hoping to get almost all of those first three things completed during this long weekend, but let's be honest, once those football games start on Thursday, my motivation and concentration fly out the window.

But once the 14th hits, I am free for a month.

A whole month. Just imagine.
woo pig.

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